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Morgan - the best roommate!

Morgan is the perfect reminder that every cat deserves a chance. The day she came to us, she was in such bad shape that Sid thought the rush to the vet was to euthanize her because her injuries looked so severe. Well, it turns out that Morgan is a bad ass lady who can get through anything, and now is happy to take care of herself, thank you very much!

Let me give you a few more details: the day Morgan came to us she had multiple open wounds and no use of her back legs. Sid rushed her to the vet. The vet agreed that Morgan looked to be in terrible shape and euthanasia would probably be the most humane choice.

But. They decided to do an x-ray just to be sure - and the internal damage was much less severe than they expected! On the x-ray it was obvious that Morgan did have a spinal fracture, but no other broken bones! The vet and Sid decided to use antibiotics and pain meds and give Morgan a few days or a week to see if she improved: and did she EVER!!

(The vet thinks the attack was from a large animal: a dog or wolf probably. It was a 'tail-pull' injury that damaged her spine as she was getting away most likely.)

Since her treatment started, she has improved constantly. The function in her rear legs returned little by little, and now she has almost no limitations compared to a cat with normal mobility. She can jump and run and everywhere she needs to: stairs, cat tree, top-entry litter box, everywhere! It makes me SO happy to tell you her story! I am just so glad she made it to Smiley's Rescues where she could have the time and care to have a chance at life.

Oh - the only thing she might not be able to do is jump HIGH. We don't think she'll ever be able to jump up to counter-height or table-height....which actually might be just fine for you! You'll not have to worry about your kitty getting into so many things! Talk about a good roommate!

We think Morgan is 2-3 years old. Her favorite thing in the world is cat beds. She takes napping very seriously.

She gets along really well with other cats, and dogs are no big deal to her at all. But Morgan is still really shy of PEOPLE. This is something that could change, but it might not. She has been at the shelter only a few months, and has needed so much medical care, that her current aversion to people is pretty understandable. However, it could be that she just isn't a person-cat and she might never be. But, with a change of environment, there is the potential for her to warm up to people over time.

Do you maybe have one or two cats already that could use a friend? Morgan would fit right in and you may not even notice you have an extra cat! How easy is that?

We actually like to think of Morgan as a high-powered CEO kitty because she is so independent, and also sounds like she is walking in high heels due to the effects of her injury! We like to think she is busy working on important things instead of being sad that she isn't after our affection constantly. In fact, she's never after our affection. Such an easy roommate! If you adopt her, you'll get to live with this beautiful and self-sufficient kitty, and she'll get the safe home she deserves after a rough go of things.

Please consider adding Morgan to your family, or sharing this post so she can find her forever home.

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