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Letter We Got in the Mail

So, we got this in the mail the other day! But unfortunately we can't quite figure out who sent it!

Please help us by looking carefully at the writing - I am sure you will know if it came from your house! And even if it didn't come from your house, well Gracie IS the perfect companion for any dog or human that needs more snuggles!

Even though we don't know who this doggo is yet, we know they are smart! Gracie IS the perfect snuggle-buddy for a dog: she can't get enough of Blue here in the rescue. Gracie loves people just as much. She is 6 years old, so she is settled down from the crazy young cat years and just wants a lap to curl up in or another furry body - cat or dog - to snuggle next to. She loves every person, dog, and cat at the rescue - even the kittens who ARE still a little crazy. What dog wouldn't want their own super-accepting sweet kitty to snuggle with?!

At Smiley's we socialize all of our cats to be as comfortable around dogs (and other cats and all sorts of people) as possible. So if by chance we can't connect right away with the dog who wrote us, we will have other friendly kitties for him/her when we do finally solve the mystery of who they are!

In the meantime, Gracie DOES need to find a forever home. She has been in the rescue for longer than we would like. She is doing well in the rescue for an adult cat, but it is not the right environment for any cat long-term. Gracie has been patient and is still her sweet self, but it is really important for her to move to a forever home soon, where she can get all the love she needs.

We will miss Gracie when she goes to her forever home, but we have cats on our waiting list that are in some bad situations that need to get into the rescue ASAP! We can't take in any more cats until we have space.

Please help us by checking to see if it is YOUR dog that needs Gracie, and if it isn't please send this to other humans so we can get Gracie into her forever home.

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