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July 31st - August 6th at Smiley's


Monday started out with Sid dropping off 9 animals to get fixed at Minnkota PAAWS in Fargo. 2 local cats that were transported, 2 ferals, and 5 that will be adopted through the rescue. She then had meetings/errands for the rescue, then loaded a bunch of supplies before picking up all the animals that were fixed....and that was just the stuff she did BEFORE she got back to the rescue itself on Monday!

Tuesday Sid was up EARLY (as always) walking all the dogs and taking care of all the kitties, then moving kitties around (fixed cats can be in the community cat room), getting kitties adopted, and sanitizing the new FeLV building. Thank you to Jackson for your help!!!

Jackson, Sid, and Adriane doing the final cleaning in the FeLV house.

I don't know the details of the rest of Sid's week yet, but I spent PART of Monday and PART of Tuesday helping her with stuff and I was completely worn out. Wow. (Coffee from Morning Glory in Fertile DID help a ton though!)


Ok, so the rest of the week is a bit of a blur to me - but Sid had a lot of intakes, lots of running animals around to get fixed and other vet care, a few adoptions I think, and some meet and greets! Oh yeah, and a kitten yoga event on Thursday night at Healing Touch Chiropractic.

Thank you to the volunteers that came out ALL week!


Denali is a husky that was just surrendered today (Sunday) - he seems super sweet!


Renegade has been at the rescue just a week - he is a smart, trained, and well-behaved guy! He just can't go to a home that has chickens, because he will eat them. Thankfully that still leaves MANY loving homes that are options for him!



The cat facilities are at full capacity! (When aren't they?!)

Nutmeg - she was rescued in the nick of time before a scheduled euthanasia last week, but I wanted to give you an update and tell you she is warming up to Sid and feeling calmer! Yay! She will need some more medical care to fix her declaw surgery (please do NOT declaw. I can't believe there are vets that still do this. Most do NOT.).

Nutmeg likes getting head scritches now! Yay!

Godiva - a floof of a kitty! She is crabby and sassy right now! She doesn't love the rescue, but will be able to go to a forever home in just a couple weeks when her shots are all up-to-date!

Godiva! Sooo floofy!

Dandrea - this girl's owner passed away recently. She is the sweetest 7 year old kitty you will ever meet! She is a calico with the best big freckles on the top of her head!


Thelma, Louise, and Brenda (the mom of Thelma and Louise) - this trio of kitties came from a woman (Brenda!) who rescued them from life outside. They will be ready for adoption very soon!

Thelma & Louise with Brenda down low.

Ages ago (months?) a tortoiseshell cat was dumped at the rescue - just let out onto the property. Sid has been trying to trap her since. Thankfully she was finally able to get her because there seems to be something medically wrong with this kitty - Sid will get her into the vet ASAP.


This is the most exciting news of the week to me: the tiny house that was donated to Smiley's is now remodeled (thank you Jordan!) and has its first resident: Tiger!

Cats that are FeLV positive are often euthanized because it is contagious to other cats and shortens their lifespan. But that doesn't mean they need to have NO lifespan!! They can live full, happy, and healthy lives.

Thankfully Tiger was NOT in danger of euthanasia due to her FeLV, she was just waiting for more permanent placement; she had Good Humans looking after her before her move to Smiley's!!


There are no other FeLV sanctuaries in the midwest (not that we know of anyway!). The cats at the FeLV house at Smiley's will be available for adoption, but since they can't go to homes with other non-FeLV cats, they will have a home here for their whole life if they need it.


Benny is adopted! He will be picked up in a week by his new family!

LONG-HAULERS - these guys have been with Smiley's a while.

Peanut - sweetest guy, but needs to be the only animal in the house.

Peanut - 5 years old

Morgan - this funny girl needs some time to adjust to a new space, but once she does she is a playful funny kitty! She is in a foster home right now because the rescue setting is TOO stressful for her.

Morgan - look at this goofball!


Thank you to the volunteers who come out to walk dogs and clean!! Your work means we can take in more animals at a time. And thank you to all of our donors, we couldn't do it without you. With the volunteers and donors we have we are saving as many animals as we can as fast as we can. Thank you.

As always any errors here are all mine!

- Adriane

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