How to Help

Household Donation Items: 

-Old Towels & Blankets

-Cardboard Boxes: big & small

-Cat Trees/Scratching Posts

-Paper Towels

-Cleaning Wipes/baby wipes

-Cleaning Spray

-Dog/Cat Toys

-Old/New rugs (bathroom size)

***All of our food/need donations are located on our Amazon wish list***

Sponsorship Opportunities:

Bronze: Monthly donation of $50 (food/litter/toys)

Silver:  1-time donation of $150 (exam/food/litter/toys)

Gold: Full-Care donation of $270 (Vet Care/food/litter/toys)

Apparel to Purchase!

(all purchases go directly toward building our facility)

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If you would like to make a physical donation instead of a financial/money donation please visit our Amazon wish list