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When an animal is brought in as a stray, we will hold them for a minimum of 5 days (per Minnesota State Law). After the 5-day hold, we will spay/neuter (if not already done) the animal and make them available for adoption. 

​If you find your animal in our care, you must show proof of ownership (e.g. vet records, vaccination records, or photos) in order to claim your animal. Because we cannot house animals without expense, you must pay a fee for every day the animal was in our care; we charge $50/a day for unaltered animals and $25/a day for altered animals.


Unleashed animals are often assumed to be strays by good Samaritans–and with good reason. Nearly every municipality has leash laws and registration requirements that include dogs AND cats. It is far more common for an off-leash pet to be killed by a car or other animal than to get lost and be turned in as a stray. Please keep your pets safe by keeping them fenced or leashed at all times.

If your cat or dog is missing, please reach out to and include a photo of the missing pet, where and when you last saw them, and any other information you have that may help us identify your pet if they end up in our care.

Also, check with other area rescues and lost pet Facebook groups.  

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