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Stray Holds

If we have any animals that were brought in as strays you will find them here for a minimum of 5 days (per MN State Law). 

After the 5-day hold, we will spay/neuter (if not already done) and make them available for adoption. 

In order to claim your animal you must show proof of ownership (vet records, vaccination reccords, photos) and pay a minimum $80 fee. 


Unleashed animals are often assumed to be strays by good samaritins - with good reason, nearly every municipality has registration requirements and leash laws that include dogs AND cats. More common than being turned in as stray is for your lose animal to be killed by a car or other animal. Please keep your pets safe and keep them fenced or leashed at all times.

If your cat or dog is missing please send a photo to and explain the situation. Also check with other area rescues and Lost Pet Facebook Groups.  

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