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Even if only one is saved, it would have all been worth it​​​​​.

Our Cat/Dog Sanctuary is located right outside of Fertile, MN. Our founder works and travels to Fargo, ND quite often for transport/adoption needs! 
Our rescue is entirely donation-based and all money/adoption fees go back into helping future and current animals.
Dog Statistic:
+Bully Breeds are adopted less and put down more than any other breed.
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Cat Statistics:
+Kittens can get pregnant as early as 4 months old.

*We are a no-kill rescue unless medically necessary*

Adoption Cost & Breakdowns:


Adoption Fee: $150 

 + spay/neuter ($65-$85)

 + test for felv/fiv ($20)

 + deworming Treatment ($20)

 + ear mites/fleas treatment ($35)

 + FVRCP vaccinations ($50 approx.)

 + food/litter/care per month: $50 (approx.)


Adoption Fee: $200

 + spay/neuter: $125-$140

 + heartworm test: $20

 + all vaccinations: $40

 + food/care: $50 (approx.)

Cat Yoga: (date to be determined)

To be Determined