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Adoption Fees: $150
Joint Adoption Fee: $250

All of our cats are Spayed/Neutered, received wellness exams, microchipped, Felv/Fiv Negative, UTD on vaccinations, dewormed, given flea/tick meds, and Dog/Kid/Cat friendly unless otherwise indicated. 

Arlis .jpg
11 months

Hello, my name is Arlis! Have you been looking for someone to adore and snuggle you? Well look no further. I am your gal. I love everyone I meet and my only goal in life is to get as many pets as possible. I am love orientated, but treats are great too. 

Spayed, Microchipped, Dewormed, Flea/tick prevention given, wellness exam, Felv/Fiv Negative. 
2 years

Hello, my name is Dexter. My favorite things include food, food, and more food. Just kidding I like Kids/Cats/Dogs too. I would love to sit and snuggle with you. Hulu is my favorite streaming service if you want to take me home so time. 
10 Months 

Hello, my name is Kelso. I love toys and snuggling. Can we snuggle together some time? I would love to wake you up on a Sunday morning just for extra cuddles. I promise I could be the love of your life. 
5 months

Hello, my name is Izzy. I took about 2 weeks to adjust to rescue life and about 2 days to adjust to my foster family. I love food and I would love it if their would be other kitties in the home.  

P.S. If you want 2 kitties my brother McGuire and I love each other very much. 

5 months 

Hello, my name is McGuire. I take some time to get used to people but would really appreciate if someone gave me so time to love them. I am totally fine with other cats/dogs/kids. 

P.S. If you want 2 kitties my sister Izzy and I love each other very much. 

Wednesday Catt Adams
Dilute Tortie 

5 months 

Hello, my name is Wednesday, I was super scared when I came to the rescue until I realized, these people are here to HELP me! Isn't that great!? I am independent but get along great with other animals so it doesn't really matter to me if I have siblings or not! 


Pear .jpeg

Hello my name is Pear, I love snuggling my rescue brothers! I would love to be a part of your home! I was pretty nervous coming into the rescue but I am adjusting really well! Once I got to my forever home it took me about 2 days to adjust! I would love to meet you. 

My sister is Wednesday Catt Addams. 

5 months

Hello, my name is Charlotte. I LOVE to watch the birds and stare out the windows at the rescue. I would love to have a window shelf to stare out of in my next home. So, if we can make that happen, I would LOVE to go home with you. 
Morgan .jpg
2 years 

Hello, my name is Morgan (as in Captain Morgan) because I give a little kick. Meaning I had a spinal injury and could not walk. Since them I am healed and get around great! The vet said it will not affect the rest of my life besides I cannot make "big jumps". 
Ex. tables/counters/beds. 
Chief .jpg
5 months

Hello, I'm Chief. I am a very good boy; I just don't like taking photos because I got places to go and people to see. I am a very busy boy, so I don't have time for the spotlight. I'm busy purring for people and kneading dough. I love you already and would like to be hired as your full-time therapist. I work 24/7 365 days a year. Very motivated employee. 
Male                     FIV POSITIVE
5 years old 

Hello, my name is Colin, I looked ROUGH when I came into the rescue. I had been wandering the streets until a good Samaritan brought me in. I am FIV positive which means I cannot be homed with other cats unless they are also FIV positive, and I CANNOT go outside. I love dogs and kids. 
Would you please give my old soul a chance.        
4 months

Hello, my name is Clara. I am VERY vocal and usually I start play fights with my other siblings and then accuse them of hurting my by yelling and telling on them. 

Nonetheless, I don't mind having other kitties to get in trouble, kids, dogs, or cats. 
Rowan .jpg
4 months 

Hello, my name is Rowan, I LOVE to play with the other cats/kittens at the rescue and LOVE being a part of the Smiley's Rescues family, but I think I would like a family to call my own. I am very sweet and love dogs/cats/kids. 
Valentina .jpg
2 years
Hello, my name is Valentina, notice the heart on my nose <3 I love, love and would be extremely happy if I could watch romantic comedies with you in the evenings. 
I won't judge you for having wine as long as I get some wet cat food as a treat. 
6 years

Hello, my name is Gracey. I am a full-time people-pleaser. I would love it if no one ever yelled, got sad, or upset. I am also known as the rescue peacekeeper and allow the kittens to play but politely sit in-between the kittens if I feel they have gone too far.  Wouldn't hurt a fly. 
6 months 

Hello, my name is Romeo, I am a hopeless romantic, what can I say? I love, love. I love to play and would do well in a home with other fur siblings to play with!

11 months old 

Hello, my name is Colby, I may look grumpy, but I PROMISE I am not. I just love people too much to sit for good photos. This is my purring face. I love to play and am very strong boy and would love to have other siblings dog/cat/human to love and protect. 

3 months

Hello, Copper is the name, finding sweethearts to love me is the game. I would love to steal your heart if you give me the chance. I am 3lbs of round fluff. I am snuggling-orientated. 
3 months

Hello, I'm Todd. A gentle little soul if you will. I could not hurt a fly and I love to be carried around (my short legs take forever to get anywhere). I look worried all the time and the Rescue thinks it's because I'm worried about finding a home. I'll make you a deal-if you take my worries, I'll take away yours. Sound like a plan? 
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