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Our purpose is to fiercely advocate for the safety and health of animals. We are the voice of the unhoused, injured, sick, neglected, and abused. We do this by rescuing animals and educating people.


We work to place animals into exceptional forever homes by focusing on: 1. Behavior and socialization of animals, 2. Thorough vetting of volunteers, fosters, and adopters, and 3. By collaborating with other rescues and groups towards the best outcome for animals.


We believe people need to Fix Their Fucking Pets. We put programs in place to educate towards this end and to make spay/neuter possible for more families.

Cute Happy Dog

We work hard, REALLY hard, so that our donations can go as far as possible to improve the quality of life for our animals. We are transparent with our donors to show them exactly how their donations are used.


We understand this work can be absolutely wonderful, but also completely heartbreaking. We need to remember the hardest times will pass. We need to trust our instincts when we need a break to recharge. 


We know the joy, humor, and humanity that animals bring into our lives; we work to share that everyday in all parts of our work.


We work towards a world where all animals can be safe, healthy, and happy. We want to live in a world where animal rescues don’t need to exist.

Cute Happy Dog

We are a 100% volunteer-run not-for-profit organization. 


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