Our Story 

            My mom rescued me when she was just 8 years old! She has been rescuing many more ever since! I am so unbelievably excited that her love and passion is turning into a rescue. My mom made sure even when I was sick that I got all the care I needed. In 2018 I got diagnosed with Stage III Kidney disease. I had to be on medicine to make me feel better, and I went to live in Rainbow Bridge in July of 2019. The day I left my mom she told me she was going to do everything she possibly could to save as many animals as she could. I was so happy knowing my mom was going to save all of the animals I would send her way! And, I kept on sending them!

           In August of 2019 my mom wanted to try being a "foster mom", but I sent two kitties her way that I knew she needed as keepers. Dwight and Angela made my mom so happy! Now 2 years later my mom has picked up and rehomed or kept many more! She decided to make this rescuing thing official!

All my love & paws, 


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​My Mom & I