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Cost varies depending on cat/dog, clinic used, and additional vaccines. Contact us for current cost.

Cat or Dog?
Male or Female?

Transportation costs and employee time are costs that are paid by the rescue. Fuel and drive time cost roughly $150 per trip - we transport more than one animal at a time to increase efficiency whenever possible, but it is about a 10 hour day to get animals there and back.


You are NOT responsible for this cost, but if you would like to make an additional donation to Smiley’s Rescues, it would be greatly appreciated!!


Please note you are responsible for bringing the animal to Smiley’s Rescues in Fertile prior to their spay/neuter appointment.


You are also responsible for picking up the animal within 24-48 hours after their surgery. Payment is due at the time the appointment is scheduled, we can not hold an appointment without payment.


Sign and date the disclaimer below to complete the application.

Disclaimer and Signature: please read carefully.


By signing this I am certifying that I give permission for Smiley’s Rescues to take my animal to be spayed/neutered. Smiley’s Rescues and the vet clinic are not legally responsible if in the process of transport or surgery my animal was to become injured, ill, or deceased.


This is highly unlikely but always a possibility. Payment is due at the time the appointment is made.


I am responsible for getting my animal to Smiley’s Rescues and picking them up 24-48 hours after surgery. If I do not pick up my animal within 5 days of their appointment, Smiley’s Rescues will consider this to be an animal surrender and my animal will become available for adoption.


Smiley’s Rescues will be charging a $10 supply fee that will cover the food, cleaning supplies, and/or litter my animal used while at the rescue.

Thanks for submitting! We will call you within 24 hours.

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