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Weekly Update (July 24th - 30th)

Ok, so a shorter update this week, but that just means we were too busy working on other stuff to write much here!

This past week:

Sid is as always managing all the logistics (intake, adoption, vet appointments, meet and greets) related to the animals, and doing a ton of the direct animal care, so that is a lot. I spent the week writing a grant, looking at some software that will save us time in tracking all the animals and their related documents, and I got caught up on bookkeeping! (I'll post Quarter 2 financial info ASAP on Facebook!) This week we also had a productive board meeting and a fun yoga/adoption event at the Far-Thro axe-throwing tournament.

FeLV Tiny House:

Sid and Jordan (with Lillian as project manager) have been working on remodeling the donated tiny house to get it set for FeLV cats. Lots of new steel (some walls, and the roof I think!).

Silent Auction:

I take back all the bad things I have ever said about silent auctions! Our Facebook auction made $335 this week! We are going to put that money towards spaying and neutering stray cats in Fertile, MN. These cats will then be relocated to proper barn homes where they are loved from a distance and fed/watered and given shelter. We are thinking this was a great fundraiser and I am sure you will see another one from us soon. We will try to figure out a way to maybe make it available for people not on Facebook (there are services that can organize that I think, but usually they cost money, and we want every penny to go to the animals, so we'll figure something out!).

Heading Home:

These guys went to their forever homes - or we know they will be going there very soon! Exactly when they go home depends on when they are fixed, and schedules! I might be forgetting some.

Ashley (Doggo)! - pictured here with Jordan.

Valentina! - pictured here with the black heart for a nose.


Kit Kat!

Mary Kate (Doggo)!


Dexter! - Pictured here snuggled into a blanket.


Intakes: Renegade - a sweet and well behaved German Shepherd - 6 months, he loves everyone, good with cats, dogs, people, well cared for dog.

Nutmeg - his kitty was tscheduled to be euthanized Monday July 31st. Sid got her in the nick of time. She is pretty mad to be at the rescue right now, but either she will adjust or we will get her into a foster home. 2 pomeranians were surrendered Sid transported one to 4 Luv of Dog rescue in Moorhead and one is in a foster home with Smiley's.

Volunteers: It was SO HOT. SOOOOOO HOT. Walking dogs was real work this past week!!! Thank you so much to Mariah, Amy, and Ali, and anyone else I am forgetting.

Thank You A belated THANK YOU to Paul, Reece, and Amelia in Moorhead for their Lemonade Stand fundraiser for Smiley's Rescues!! We appreciate your work so much!!!

Another Thank You

A huge THANK YOU to all of our supporters, volunteers, and donors. We can't do the work without all of your help!! You are TRULY life-savers.

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