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Hi guys! I am excited to be writing Blog posts for Smiley's! Sid and I were looking at the analytics for the newsletter today - and we aren't getting too many people engaging with that - I think a lot of what I put in there is old news because it is the end of the month!

So we are going to discontinue that newsletter for now and do more frequent blogs posts instead. I do think that will get you all the information in a more-up-to-date way!

I am still brainstorming about organizing blog posts - but I am thinking that sort of regularly I'd like to shed some light on how the non-profit functions, a behind-the-scenes look! Starting with today!

Today was actually an overwhelming day for both Sid and I. Sid because she has a LOT of cats up for adoption right now and it is breaking her heart to see them not being adopted. Of course there are slow times for adoptions, but knowing it will be slower doesn't make it less heartbreaking. Sid has also been really busy with medical care for kitties - some of this is because she has more animals in the rescue. So this first part of March will be a huge push for adoption.

I am overwhelmed today by thinking about how to track information and people. Data related to animals, finances, supporters, volunteers, adopters. I ENJOY figuring out all of those things...but today looking at different software for all of those things, well it made me want to go back to tracking things on paper! Ha!

Sid and I will both rally and keep moving forward, I think for both of us there is SO MUCH we want to do it is frustrating to feel 'stuck.' She and I should take comfort in the Q & A session we attended today with some other non-profit people today: everyone feels overwhelmed because there is so much work to do!

This is Colin - I wonder if he is feeling overwhelmed too, from being in the rescue so long (over 2 months now). He is the sweetest cat you will ever meet. Colin is a chill and happy kitty, but months in a rescue isn't good for any animal. He would make the perfect companion for you while you are on the computer or watching TV. All he wants in the world is pets and head scratches. Contact Sid if you are interested.

Thank you for reading and sorry if this is a little disjointed tonight - my brain is tired from thinking about databases. But that stuff is easy compared to Sid worrying about the kitties finding homes. I know our animals will help Sid and I relax and and be ready to get after it again tomorrow!

If you have feedback on the blog please let me know:

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