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Dexter the Therapy Cat

We could all use a little (or a lot) of therapy couldn't we? A sweet furry little live-in therapist is a good start I think!

Maybe I am being a little silly to call Dexter a 'Therapy Cat' - but it IS actually true that having pets improves our mental and physical health. So, maybe 'Therapy Cat' isn't too much of a stretch! Especially in Dexter's case, because is ready to give you some GREAT self-care pointers. He leads by example and will remind you that:

Even though he is only 2 years old, Dexter has mastered a number of important skills to stay mentally healthy:

Assertiveness: Dexter will remind you that it is important to ASK for what you want - in his case that is food and pets all day and snuggles all night. Dexter knows the healthiest way to ask for what you want is to be clear! He will never give you the silent treatment or leave you wondering what he is thinking.

Boundaries: Dexter will politely, but firmly, tell you where his boundaries are! He will say no thank you, he doesn't want to be picked up very often, and unless it is bedtime, probably doesn't want to sit on your lap too often.

Self-Acceptance: Dexter is happy being chill and independent, but still loves company of all kinds: people, kids, dogs, and other cats. He truly shows that when you accept yourself, you can accept others.

But Dexter's very best qualification as a therapy cat? He is a VERY SOFT kitty who loves pets. He will appreciate you, and remind you to appreciate the sweet little moments in life.

If you think Dexter might be the right fit to help you learn to stress a little less and relax a little more, please email Sid at

Dexter is currently being fostered in the Minneapolis area.

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